Food Hygiene

Regular inspections are essential to ensure that local environmental health officers are satisfied with standards of hygiene within each establishment. Satisfaction is guaranteed by using the Food Hygiene Centre's qualified Environmental Health Officers who will work closely with you to develop and maintain cost effective quality control systems and superior food safety standards.

Health and Safety

Each year health and safety legislation becomes more demanding and complicated. Non-compliance of this legislation may lead to prosecution. The Food Hygiene Centre's Environmental Health Officers can provide "risk assessment" and the record keeping required to avoid prosecution.

Consultancy and Advisory Services

  • Food Safety and Health & Safety Audits/Inspections
  • Devising Food Safety and Health & Safety Policies and Manuals
  • Developing generic HACCP Programmes
  • Auditing Food Suppliers on your behalf
  • Development of Assured Safe Catering Programmes
  • Advice on Design and Layout of Food Premises
  • Advice on Quality Control/Assurance Systems and Procedures
  • Advice on implementation and maintenance of The International Quality Standards ISO9000

Contract of Care - Peace of Mind

Legislation rules change frequently and it is imperative for organisations to be prepared for these changes.

The Food Hygiene Centre will ensure that you have the correct systems and standards in place. This is why we have developed a Food Safety/Health & Safety package called Contract of Care.

For a negotiated annual fee payable by four quarterly instalments we will include:

1. Training

  • Training is recognised as essential to the success of any enterprise. The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) makes it a legal requirement to train all staff in Health & Safety and the new Food Hygiene (England) (Scotland) (Wales) (N. Ireland) Regulations 2006 and EU 852/2004 contain a similar provision
  • Therefore, we will train a member of your staff after each inspection in Level 2 Food Safety and Level 2 Health & Safety in the Workplace
  • For all other training courses, you will receive a 15% discount

2. Inspections

  • An in-depth inspection of your premises twice a year by an experienced Environmental Health Officer with the emphasis on high-risk areas identified by the application of hazard analysis and risk assessment techniques
  • The auditing of Food Hygiene and Health and Safety records
  • A briefing of management on key issues at the end of the inspections followed by a detailed written report

3. Emergency Call Out

In the event of a food poisoning complaint or difficulty with an Enforcing Authority, the Food Hygiene Centre will seek to minimise your business risk by:

  • Handling customer complaints on your behalf
  • Liaise with the relevant Enforcement Authority on your behalf

4. Membership of the Food Hygiene Centre

To provide a hotline to answer all your queries pertaining to Food Hygiene and Health and Safety.